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Technical specifications
Tension (voltage) 12 [V]
Corriente (current) 12 [A]
Tipo de entrada (input type) MONOFASICO
Tecnologia (technology) SCR
Tipo de salida (output type) CC+LUCES
Alto (height) 26 [mm]
Ancho (width) 59 [mm]
Largo (length) 69 [mm]
Entre centro (pitch) 55 [mm]
Con sensor (with sensor) NO

dze products that apply to
Brand Model Version Displacement Year OEM
Keller Big KN110-7110
Keller Crono Classic KN110-8110
Keller Crono Classic KN125-11125
Keller Crono Trial KN125-12125
Keller Crono Tunning KN125-11125
Keller Exellence KN150-3150
Keller Exellence KN250-3250
Keller Miracle KN150GY150
Keller Stratus KN150-13150
Keller Stratus KN260260
Keller Titan KN110-10110
Motomel C 110
Universal Luces Encendidas

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